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"I searched for a company that made high quality apparel. 
I didn’t want just any company; I wasn’t looking for the cheapest and I didn’t necessarily want the most expensive, because neither of those options necessarily meant “ethically made".
I learned a lot about the short comings and negative impact the fashion industry has on humans and the earth from the blog posts by Last Shot Apparel (LSA) over the last two years. 
I wanted to find a company that treated and paid their employees well, that was locally sourced, that used recycled or discarded fabrics (if possible — didn’t know if it was), and that had uniquely designed apparel. 
Too good to be true? 
It isn’t.
Thank you LSA for doing what you do and for want you stand for. 
I absolutely love the unique designs and the fabric you use. LSA is so easy to work with, and honestly, the customer service is next level."

Jordan Gibbins

Owner  + Designer

Glass Slipper Entertainment & Glass Goods

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