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Print + Embroidery

Prices do not include the garment

Prices will vary depending on order size, logo/design complexities and colour. We suggest you fill out the section below to receive a custom quote. 


We offer the following styles of apparel printing: 

- Screen printing (recommended for large orders)

- Digital printing (recommended for small orders)

Screen printing: 

This is the industry standard for apparel printing and the style used for most mass produced t-shirts. The following are pricing examples for standard 4 inch black ink print:

15-35 garments ~$7/print

40-80 garments: ~$5/print

80-120 garments: ~$3.50/print

Digital printing: 

This is a great option for multi colour logos and for smaller order sizes.The following are pricing examples for standard 4 inch print: 

1-5 garment:  ~$25/print

5-10 garments: ~$18/print

10-15 garments: ~$12/print


Cost per product goes down when order size increases. Reach out to us and we will provide you with a quote!

We'll be in touch!

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