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Sustainable 'Contentness' (no, that is not a word).

I wrote in my journal this morning as I normally do. But this time it took off… and it normally doesn’t.

I wanted to share as it pertains to sustainability, not the kind of environmental sustainability that I normally discuss. But perhaps another kind of environment - our personal environment, and the power we possess in understanding our influences. We may not even notice these influences anymore but the power they have over our daily activities is not to be undermined. So, without further ado… here was my entry from January 12th, 2021:

“I actually believe for once, in the last 10 months, I am finally starting to figure out the meaning of ‘sustainable contentness’. In fact, I think sustainability is and has been my focus for quite some time. But for the purpose of this entry: becoming content no longer seems like another language. Being content with myself and my life was something I often sought - it was a wondrous dream. The power and meaning of “doing things for you” is slowly integrating itself into my everyday life. Trial and error of course, but implementing an internal analysis of my decisions (big or small) has helped me understand my desired “end” (the second habit in “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” if you will). Realizing that there’s a balance in life and the trick is to find your specific, personalized balance. If you find this, you’ve managed to get over the hurdle that hold so many back. If you find it, it’s important you then realize when your scale has been pushed too far to one side. Acknowledging the imbalance and then figuring out how to restore the instability (or understanding it may be time to find a new scale entirely). We are constantly changing, growing, and learning - exposure to “new” is bound to occur. It would be naive, dare I say humorous, for us to assume otherwise.

So I return to my original thought: working towards “sustainable contentness”. Finding my balance; indulging in my preferred intellectual thought, artistic and creative practice, personalities, eating habits, exercise, adventures… understanding that finding sustainability means realizing what brings you peace, love, and harmony. Learning what’s meant for you and (this is key) what is not meant for you. Realizing and recognizing when your scale is off. Not becoming alarmed (as this can also be a result from externals) but adapting and then re-adjusting.

Being a sponge in this day and age is dangerous. Our exposure to media (of all kinds) is the highest it has ever been. Social networking is apart of our daily routine, we use it to communicate, learn, work, exercise, entertain, educate, shop....

So if you are easily influenced, you may not even realize how much your scale isn’t even one based on your desires, interests, and personal well-being. Your scale may be set based on the interpretation of what other believe is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. But that is purely subjective isn’t it?

We are responsible for conducting our own research, for not falling victim to the world of mis-information. To not assume truth in all headlines, tweets, podcasts, and captions. It’s a habit that I am not sure we realize has become second nature. Your scale may be set on the habits and values of others. Following the ‘balancing act’ (perhaps unknowingly) leads you down an unrealistic, and unsustainable path.

A path you haven’t even realized was created by what you saw trending, what you read was ‘healthy’, what you heard would bring you ‘wealth’ (you get the point). As I am fully aware I digressed, I am writing this realizing a desire of my own; to become more aware of who and what I let influence my scale. Capitalizing on my genuine, raw, and true self. Isn’t that really the optimal state? When everyone focuses on being their best selves, it has a ripple effect on the rest of the world…?"

Food for thought on your Tuesday afternoon. Now, go get some fresh air.

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